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  • Posted on: Jan 21 2019
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This is the time of year we fixate on goal-setting and aspirations. As I look ahead for what is next for the practice, I want to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for making DT Gynecology: Aesthetics & Rejuvenation a reality in 2018. Please indulge me and read this long personal note!
After 10 years of practicing as a gynecologic surgeon in NYC, I was beginning to feel professional discontent with medicine. I felt forced into a model of “15 minutes per patient” for over 20 patients a day. I had to stack long surgeries after battling for OR time. How could I do my best under these constraints? How could I do my best at home after leaving a workday like this? Even worse, I was facing the insurmountable pressures of insurance companies and uncompensated administrative workload.
As you know, I took the leap and opened my own practice in June 2018. My motivation for taking on this entrepreneurial challenge in a time when private practice is waning was simple – I believed medicine could be better. I looked to create an opportunity for myself to practice medicine where I could really connect with patients, provide quality healthcare and attain work-life balance. While we are still in our formative years at DT, these 1st six months have inspired me to believe that vision can happen.
While I personally have taken on much more responsibility as a practice owner, these early days since our opening have been truly enjoyable thanks to fellow doctors and patients like you! I’ve been so impressed with my new community of fellow physicians and appreciate your work & advice. I have been able to explore and offer new treatments at the cutting edge of medicine. I’ve had the privilege to really learn about you as not only a patient, but as “you” – a spouse, a parent, a professional, a homemaker, an entrepreneur, an athlete, a daughter or son, a sibling, a citizen. I’ve engaged in complex medical discussions and treatment plans while also enjoying stories about a flying turkey on your 1st Thanksgiving with in-laws, your cute gym trainer, new podcasts, your kids’ charitable projects, and I was even privy to a college essay excerpt!
Thank you for trusting me to play a role in your healthcare.
May 2019 bring you wealth in health.
Dr. Shoma Datta – Thomas

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