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  • Posted on: Apr 15 2019
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Injectables Harrison, NYWhen it comes to trends, we like to choose what suits your look best rather than following the crowd. Why bleach your hair totally white if your skin looks better with natural hair? Trends come and go but, as we learned from the 80’s, some trends don’t suit everyone. And not everyone wants to look like everyone else!

Of course, “trends” may also refer to new technologies or uses that seem destined to be around forever. That’s how much of an improvement they can be. The new trends in the beauty world can help you feel more like you. Keep reading for the highlights of what what is going on right now in the beauty world.


The prevalence of fillers is growing so fast, and we cannot say we’re surprised. Dermal fillers are getting better, and physicians are also becoming more skilled and more refined in their application technique. New fillers offer different weights and consistencies to encourage the best results of your treatment. And, fillers don’t require the downtime that comes with invasive surgeries. Whether you’re looking for more firm and noticeable cheeks or fuller lips, there are fillers perfectly designed for that.

The nice thing about fillers is their impermanence. You can try fillers without committing to a new look for life. If your lips are a little too full for your liking, you can adjust the amount of filler you want placed during your next appointment to make them look more natural.

Prevention First

We’re constantly on the lookout for treatments to prevent signs of aging. And, younger people are starting to get in on the action. The wrinkle-preventing powers of Botox are well-known, but younger people are starting to prevent wrinkles instead of waiting to treat them later on. Botox treatments used to prevent wrinkles is keeping physicians busy and patients happy! If you want to prevent invasive or costly surgeries, there are treatments to help keep your beauty from going downhill.

If you’re interested in trying a new treatment to give yourself a boost, call us today at 914-630-0391 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Datta.

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