The Benefits of Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva

  • Posted on: Jul 15 2019
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At Datta Thomas Gynecology, our team is here to help Harrison, NY area women look and feel their best. Our board-certified aesthetic gynecologist, Dr. Moushumi Shoma Datta-Thomas works directly with patients to address their reproductive health concerns. Additionally, she provides treatments such as Votiva by InMode, a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Dr. Moushumi Shoma Datta-Thomas describes vaginal rejuvenation as a non-invasive way of addressing:

• Laxity and excess hanging of the skin in the vaginal area

• Decreased sensitivity with intercourse

• Minor to moderate stress incontinence

• Vaginal dryness

• Enlarged vaginal openings from childbirth

• Thinning of vaginal skin caused by low estrogen levels

• Poor bladder support

• Reduced firmness of the vaginal tissues from natural collagen loss

By treating these concerns with vaginal rejuvenation, our team is able to help women feel more confident about their bodies and their vaginal area. We encourage women to ask about vaginal rejuvenation with today’s amazing technology, specifically the Votiva by InMode.

What is Votiva and how does it work?

Votiva is a specialized vaginal rejuvenation device used in our pracitce. This device is a unique probe that can be used on the outer vulva and the inner vaginal canal. The Votiva device emits radiofrequency energy which heats the skin and provide gentle yet effective thermal tissue remodeling both internally and externally. Treatments take less than an hour, and women may schedule them a month apart until they reach the results they desire. Routine treatments can also help in slowing changes that may be caused by the natural process of aging.

What do Votiva treatments feel like?

Our patients often describe the experience as a warming sensation. There is rarely discomfort or pain. Because this treatment is not invasive or surgical, there is no risk of infection or recovery time needed. Women can have these treatments completed during their lunch hour and return to the rest of their day without limitations.

Interested in learning more about Votiva by InMode?

Contact our board-certified aesthetic gynecologist, Dr. Moushumi Shoma Datta-Thomas of Harrison, NY to discuss candidacy and treatment. The front office team can be reached at (914) 630-0391.


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