The Common STDs To Avoid

Sexual Health | Harrison NYWhen it comes to sexual health, being careful doesn’t always mean you’re 100% safe. In fact, preventing and avoiding disease is something we feel passionately about. It’s much easier to take a few extra steps of caution than to treat and recover from some diseases, and some STDs can’t be treated at all (only managed). Keep reading to learn about some common STDs that are more trouble than wearing a condom.

Preventing STDs

Practicing safe sex is important to preventing issues that may linger for months, or even last throughout your life. Getting regularly tested for STDs is important, and your partner should get tested regularly, too.

Common STDs


Syphilis is a little more complicated than the two diseases mentioned above. It has four stages of development, where it affects you differently. The first stage usually presents itself as a sore, which can look like an ingrown hair or a little harmless bump. The second stage presents itself as a rash on your body, and then sores in the mouth, vagina, or anus. The third stage is where the Syphilis goes dark, in a way. It goes latent, and may stay that way for the rest of your life. A small portion of people (about 15%) will develop the final stage, which can cause organ and nerve damage, or even problems with your brain. Antibiotics can help you treat syphilis, though catching the disease earlier will make the treatment more streamlined.


Herpes is one of those things that may become a joke, but the effects are long-lasting. Both strains of the virus, HSV-1 and HSV-2, can lead to genital herpes, though most cases involve HSV-2. Herpes causes painful blisters around the vagina or anus, or the penis of your partner. You could even get blisters inside the vagina or anus, where you may not even notice them. In fact, some people don’t even present blisters though they do have the virus.

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