Hormone Replacement Therapy

At DT Gynecology, we know that if you’re suffering from hormone imbalances, you could be experiencing a variety of symptoms which affect your general health and quality of life.

How do I know if hormone replacement therapy may be right for me?

Hormone imbalances are often caused by natural aging, menopause, pregnancy, obesity and chronic medical conditions.

Hormone replacement treatment (HRT) often helps resolve symptoms of imbalances, such as:
Vaginal dryness
Reduced sex drive
Weight gain
Low energy
Low mood
… and more!

HRT may be used alone or alongside other vaginal treatments to optimize results.

What happens during my first hormone replacement therapy appointment?

We perform a medical evaluation with bloodwork for careful analysis of your hormone levels. Based on these assessments and your desired results, we then recommend a customized program of bioidentical hormone therapy. This comes in a combination or oral, cream or pellet therapy. Quarterly follow-up visits ensure continued progress and allow for any necessary alterations.

If you have questions about hormone replacement therapy with DT Gynecology or are ready to book your appointment, call us today at (914)630-0391 or contact us online.

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