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What is Labiaplasty?

A labiaplasty procedure is performed to reduce the size and contour the shape of the vaginal labia majora and minora. While there is a large spectrum of vaginal anatomy, some women have discomfort or embarrassment from labial asymmetry or protuberance. This may lead to avoiding certain activities or clothing. Some women also report feeling irritation or being self-conscious with intimate partners.

Who is an ideal candidate for surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

The majority of our rejuvenation patients at Datta Thomas Gynecology have had multiple children. If you’ve had multiple children, odds are your vagina has stretched. Muscles may have actually separated, similar to what happens in the lower abdomen due to the localized weight gain of pregnancy. Sometimes, if muscles are stretched to such a degree, they become separated and cannot return to their former position without surgery.

If you’ve noticed that this laxity seems to be affecting your feeling, sensation, and sexual satisfaction, this procedure with Dr. Datta-Thomas could be a good procedure for you.

Most commonly women choose to undergo labiaplasty for either aesthetic or functional reasons.

A labiaplasty procedure is for aesthetic purposes if you want to change the contour and the size of the vaginal labia (aka vaginal lips). This is not meant to “fix” how your vagina looks as there is a huge range of “normal”. However, some women report extreme self-consciousness regarding the appearance of the vagina in fitted clothing or with intimate partners. You may prefer to reduce the larger labia, even out both sides or keep the labia minora from protruding beyond the outer vagina Majora (outer vaginal lips).
You may have a functional reason for labiaplasties such as discomfort at the vaginal labia from contact or friction. Labiaplasty may help you if you are avoiding certain activities or clothing you love most such as spin classes or yoga pants.

How is a labiaplasty done?

There are several different techniques to labiaplasty and here at DT Gynecology, we tailor the approach to your individual anatomy. The most common techniques are the V – wedge resection and linear resection which refer to the portion of skin removed. The labial skin is then closed in multiple layers with a very thin suture that dissolves over a few weeks. You may also benefit from the reduction of excess skin around the clitoris called a clitoral hood reduction. When performed properly for the right patient, these techniques are generally safe with good cosmetic outcomes and improvement in irritation associated with prominent labia.

I perform surgery at the certified and fully credentialed outpatient surgery center under general or local anesthesia as appropriate for you. The procedure takes about 1 hour.

What are the benefits of surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

Just because you’ve had children doesn’t mean you have to forevermore have a diminished sex life and decreased feminine sensitivity. This is what vaginoplasty will give you back. When Dr. Datta-Thomas tightens your vaginal muscles and supports tissues, this will usually improve your sexual sensitivity and overall vaginal tightness. If you also choose to include labiaplasty, she will improve the size and appearance of your outer vaginal tissues, which can be both cosmetic and functional, if those tissues are impacting you during bike riding and other exercises.

What are the Risks of Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation?

This is major surgery and involves all the same risks: excessive bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and the like. Specific to this procedure, there are risks of nerve damage, vaginal collapse, and uneven lubrication inside the vagina. These are rare complications.

What is the recovery like from a labiaplasty?

We perform our surgeries at ambulatory outpatient centers under anesthesia. You can expect to go home the same day. Antibiotics and lubricants may be used for a short period of time postoperatively. Sexual intercourse and exercise are restricted for up to 6 weeks.

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Why is vaginoplasty done?

Vaginoplasty is sometimes needed in combination with labiaplasty. While the labiaplasty is a procedure on the external vaginal labia, the vaginoplasty refers to tightening the vaginal canal and opening with reinforcement of the vaginal muscular support.vaginoplasty white plaines, new york

This can help eliminate irritation and diminished sexual sensation in cases of vaginal laxity, most commonly from childbirth.

How is a vaginoplasty done?

Vaginal tightening can be considered the combination of vaginoplasty (tightening of inner vaginal canal), perineoplasty (tightening of outer vaginal opening) and posterior repair (bringing together loose vaginal muscles). The final procedures used are based on your anatomy and desired results. Any scar tissue can be removed, and a three-layer closure is performed to reduce any bulging and strengthen the vaginal floor.

These procedures take from one to two hours. The procedure will be performed at our credentialed outpatient surgery center adjoining our Harrison offices. The first step is to determine the amount of tightening desired. Once this has been determined, Dr. Datta-Thomas will mark a pie-shaped wedge inside the vagina to delineate the extra skin that will be removed. Beneath the skin, the pelvic floor muscles and support tissues are tightened with deep sutures. Now that the vaginal canal has been tightened, the mucosal skin is sutured closed.

The final phase of these procedures may involve trimming the labia as desired by the patient.

Will the recovery be difficult after my vaginoplasty?

We will perform your surgery at the credentialed outpatient surgery center adjoining our office and you can expect to go home the same day. General or local anesthesia with sedation is used as appropriate.

Antibiotics and lubricants may be used for a short period of time postoperatively.  You will notice some initial bruising and soreness which significantly improve over the first 2 weeks. Sexual intercourse and exercise are restricted for up to 6 weeks.

When are surgical methods necessary over nonsurgical options?

At Datta-Thomas Gynecology, we offer both nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva and surgical rejuvenation. Our patients wonder why the surgical route would ever be chosen if there is a nonsurgical alternative.

It’s the degree of laxity a woman is experiencing. In extreme cases, this may be to the degree that a tampon may not stay in place. This is often the case when some of your vaginal support muscles have become separated during childbirth. These muscles cannot return to their previous position without surgery. Nonsurgical skin tightening won’t correct this degree of laxity.

Vaginoplasty surgically tightens the muscles and tissues of the vagina. In these procedures, Dr. Datta-Thomas brings separated muscles back together. She also removes excess skin. In most cases, the patient also seeks some improvement in the labia, the outer lips of the vagina. This skin is trimmed, as well.

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